• Chamoy Pickle Kit
  • Chamoy Pickle Kit

Chamoy Pickle Kit

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Dive into a flavor explosion with our Chamoy Pickle Kit! This unique and delicious set includes everything you need for a savory and spicy treat:

  • Huge Chamoy Dill Pickle: The star of the show, this large dill pickle is infused with tangy chamoy for a mouthwatering kick.
  • Gushers: Add a burst of fruity sweetness with these classic chewy candies.
  • Tabasco Sauce: Bring the heat with a splash of this iconic hot sauce.
  • Limon7 Powder: Enhance the tangy flavor with this zesty lime seasoning.
  • Tajin Powder: Sprinkle on this popular chili-lime seasoning for an extra layer of spice.
  • Takis Chips: Crunchy, spicy chips that perfectly complement the pickle's bold flavors.
  • Lucas Gusano Sauce: Drizzle this tamarind-flavored sauce for a sweet and tangy twist.
  • Fruit Roll Up: Wrap your pickle in this fruity snack for a delightful contrast of textures and flavors.

Perfect for adventurous snackers, this Chamoy Pickle Kit combines a variety of flavors and textures to create a truly unforgettable treat. Whether you're enjoying it solo or sharing with friends, it's sure to be a hit!